201811 News Blitz

In the last two months, our mighty members in the Founder’s District celebrated 108 educational awards. Three members rose to the highest ranks and reached the Distinguished Toastmasters designation. Congratulations to Randy Kleinman of Watermeisters, Brent Felsted of Cypress Expressionists, and John Haro of Second Stage Club. We have at least 105 members following your fabulous example.

You’ve heard the phrase, “there’s magic in momentum,” right? I always wondered what that really means. Does it mean once you pull a rabbit out of a hat that you can’t stop bringing more out? Probably not. Fortunately, you and I can learn together from keynote speaker Rob Swineford as he addresses the entire audience at Leadership and Communication Experience being held at Chapman University on Saturday, January 12, 2019. This is an open event so bring your betrothed or work associate and discover the Magic of Momentum.

The Founder’s District Immediate Past Finance Manager and “Spirit of Excellence Award” winner, Gregory Reid, will be providing Treasurer Training at this year’s upcoming leadership training workshops. Gregory is a Distinguished Toastmaster form the Saddleback Sunrise Speakers and Certified Public Accountant who excels at humorous storytelling. I bet he’ll have funny stories about finance and members’ dues, so plan to sign up for his Treasurer’s Training in January. And speaking of things that go up, the price of balloons are going up…I blame it on inflation.

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