I’m Steve Itzkowitz with your Founder’s District TV News Blitz.

More than 500 passionate club officers and leaders gathered at Chapman University and kicked off our New Year for fun and functional workshops and networking activities. You can catch highlights of the keynote speaker, Past District Governor and Distinguished Toastmaster, Paul Clark on FDTV and follow the Founder’s District pathway to distinguished status at the next International Convention being held in Paris, France.

The next time you see Founder’s District Club Growth Director, David Hosmer, give him a high five for assisting five new clubs being chartered in the last five months. Welcome aboard to the Toastmasters clubs at Disney, Pacific Life, Edwards Life Sciences, Safran Group of Huntington Beach, and a community club called Just Speeches.

I’m giving a virtual high five to all our current clubs for bringing in more than 500 new members to strengthen our existing clubs. That’s a fantastic growth spurt under any circumstances. Let’s repeat that effort and recruit 500 more new members. To learning how to stage an impactful open house contact Membership Growth Chair and Distinguished Toastmaster, Ken Spears. 

We’re off and running in Founder’s District in this new year.  Next stop: Distinguished District.  

I’m Steve Itzkowitz of the Founder’s District TV News Blitz reminding you that every event, like Founder’s District LACE, is time well spent

New Blitz January 2020

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