Do you hear that? [knock on table] That’s opportunity knocking…for YOU. Your fabulous Founder’s District is offering you more than a dozen opportunities that are on and off the speaking stage.

Hone your speaking skills and compete at your Club level then advance to the Area then Division level and become one step closer to the International Convention Stage in Denver, Colorado, this August.

And for those of you on the leadership pathway, you have the opportunity to learn one or more key elements to produce a successful event. Improve your skillset on logistics from staffing to budgeting. Gain insights on how to request donations for opportunity drawings as well as achieve the highest ticket sales. Discover the secrets of program time management and how to coordinate with contest judges – heck you might want to be the Chief Judge…you could learn to be a friendlier and kinder Simon Cowell. All these puzzle pieces build a stronger and more effective leader. Contact your Area or Division leader today.

Another awesome adventure and opportunity happens this May – Saturday, May 4th to be exact. You can blast off into space and reach for the stars as the Founder’s District Spring Conference launches a Star Wars themed conference: May the Fourth be with You.

Bring your inner Storm Trooper, Wookie or favorite Star Wars character to the jam-packed line-up that is out of this world. Learn to laugh in any language from author, humorist and keynote speaker, Judy Carter. She was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey after writing her first book, “The Standup Comedy Bible,” and went from playing Vegas as a headlining standup comic to become an in-demand corporate speaker.

Giving back to your community is vital in any galaxy and you can learn from one the best Orange County residents: Vince Ferragamo – yup, that’s the same Vince Ferragamo who was a quarterback in Super Bowl 14. Vince is a successful OC Philanthropist that has provided generous funding to children’s organizations such as Olive Crest, Special Olympics, and the Ronald McDonald House. Vince Ferragamo is the 2019 Communication and Leadership Award Recipient.

You have additional opportunities to learn how to prepare for a TEDx Speech and enjoy a catered breakfast and lunch. And your conference is capped off with a fireworks finale: the Founder’s District Speech Contests – all while, wearing your favorite Star Wars characters costume.

Register on the Founder’s District Webpage at the link below. Sign up by April 4th and receive an early bird discount of $15. Yes, the fourth will be with you.

And speaking of a powerful force, the force is strong with our latest educational award winner – congratulations to our latest Distinguished Toastmaster, Division C Director, Minh Le.

I’m Steve Itzkowitz with the Founder’s District TV News Blitz reminding you that every event, is a grand opportunity, for time well spent.

News Blitz March 2019

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- Daniel is the Executive Producer and web developer of Founder's District TV. He has been a member of Toastmasters Founder's District since 2005 and is now serving as the Club Growth Director for 2015-2016.