When your mother (or asks, “How did you like my Snapchat story?” do you say, “Mom, it was pretty cheap and grubby. Your peeps are going to be all JOMO…you know, Joy Of Missing Out.”

Probably not as that would be a bit savage, right?

By the same token are you going to whitewash her and say, “Mom, that’s the GOAT…” you know, Greatest Of All Time.”

When you give feedback to anyone, especially your mom, be smart and savvy and use the 3 C critique technique: Compliment, Critique, Compliment.

“Mom, it makes me happy that you’re embracing technology, which keeps you young and hip.”

“However, I think my friends would swerve away from the Lecture and drive more toward the Gucci.”

“After that little tweak to your video posts you’ll definitely be the GOAT.”

Got that? A brief and sincere Compliment followed by a succinct Critique…all wrapped it up with another brief and sincere Compliment.

Follow the 3 C’s: Compliment, Critique, Compliment and then you’ll be the “Extra” of your Snapchat and Instagram feeds . . . and you’ll go viral.

Positive Critique Technique

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- Daniel is the Executive Producer and web developer of Founder's District TV. He has been a member of Toastmasters Founder's District since 2005 and is now serving as the Club Growth Director for 2015-2016.