What should I do with my hands?

One of our viewers sent Founder’s District TV an email and asked a very important question: What should I do with my hands during a presentation?

Here’s a little-known fun fact . . . many executives are just as nervous as you are before speaking to a crowd. They give themselves a pep talk and force an outward appearance of being cool, calm, and collected . . . they stand ram-rod straight then stuff their hands into their pocket. This looks awkward and has a negative effect.

Regardless of all the variables – with or without a lectern, office or stage environment, the best thing you can do with your hands during a presentation is rest them at your side. While you might feel a little uncomfortable at first, this allows your audience to focus on your face and what you have to say.

This begs a follow-up question: When DO you use your hands? In the beginning, it’s best to keep your hands at your side and limit your gestures when you want to make a specific point. For example:

First, you want to keep your hands at your side.

Second, when you do gesture, keep your movements inside the box – the standard box size is in front of your body, from your hips up to your shoulders.

In a short amount of time, you will learn how to effectively combine your gestures with your words to have a greater impact.

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